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God of Horizons

You are blue meeting blue in unbroken symmetry. You are in the highways and high places. How come? How can it be? It’s you in the dirt red roots, and in the treetops in the rustling. Please forgive or, perhaps, entertain me: you are Paradox approachable only in poetry. You are there on the horizon, […]

The Fireplace – a poem

The Fireplace What is the passage of time but another turn, another rotation of the roasting spit? When the seasons cycle what is it you learn, after yearning again at the end that something beyond the burn – dizzy and slow – would transcend and hold, just for a moment or so, this ticking, sickening […]

Gorgeous Things: An Introduction

What Gorgeous Thing by Mary Oliver I do not know what gorgeous thing the bluebird keeps saying, his voice easing out of his throat, beak, body into the pink air of the early morning. I like it whatever it is. Sometimes it seems the only thing in the world that is without dark thoughts. Sometimes […]

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